IMP - Institute Mihailo Pupin


Mihajlo Pupin Institute is an institute based in Belgrade, Serbia. It is named after Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin and is part of the University of Belgrade. It is notable for manufacturing numerous computer systems used in SFR Yugoslavia - especially early CER and later TIM line of computers. It has programs within

  • Process Control
  • Information Systems, DMS, DSS
  • Traffic Control
  • Railway
  • Intelligent systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Special Purpose Systems
  • Services (Software, Consulting...)

The institute has a long-term orientation in cross-border cooperation with companies and institutions, whether if it is a case of involvement in a joint research or application-orientated development project, purely academic collaboration, or providing services from our service portfolio. Because of its broad spectrum of research fields IMP is capable of assembling dynamic teams with the mixture of expertise appropriate to the specific engagement, which is essential when conducting projects on a large scale . This vast diversity makes IMP a unique center of excellence in this part of the world with in-house interdisciplinary ICT knowledge base required for developing complex system solutions.

Mihajlo Pupin is the most successful Serbian institution when it comes to internationally funded research, since Srbija has became eligible  to participate in EU Programmes, in year 2004. By participating in these research projects, the Institute has cooperated with over 350 renowned European companies and institutions.

Members in Europe

Members outside Europe