The European Forum for Energy and Climate Transition (EFECT) brings together European expertise in energy and climate modelling. EFECT was established in 2021 and our members include leading European universities and research institutions working in energy and climate modelling, as well as relevant stakeholders.

Our aim is to contribute to modelling exercises with the goal of better understanding the ground-breaking energy and climate transition in Europe. We want to explore different pathways for the transition, taking into account its multiple dimensions, such as technological, environmental, economic, social, political, ethical, etc. By contributing to model development and enhancement of analysis tools at national, regional and European level, EFECT will provide support to European energy and climate policy analysis, as well as corporate decision making. Key features of EFECT are the focus on open and transparent modelling processes and the development of tools open for use by all stakeholders. This will facilitate increased interaction between modellers and stakeholder groups and contribute to a more robust energy and climate modelling capacity in Europe. 


Each year, EFECT will launch a modelling mission (research challenge) addressing a key question in the landscape of European energy transition strategies for climate neutrality. The team will work on joint modelling exercises and results will be discussed at workshops and other events. Our first modelling mission (launched Fall 2021) will focus on sustainable infrastructure and energy commodities for sector integration. 

The forum has the flexibility to decide to focus on a specific modelling mission (research challenge) and organize workshops or events related to it. This allows to gather the latest work for a modelling mission, exchange knowledge and discuss its implications for the energy transition and its effects on climate. On a yearly basis EFECT organizes a call for contributions based on consultations with members and stakeholders. The results will then be published in a book or a special issue in a top scientific journal. More details here


EFECT aims to:

  • Contribute to open, transparent and democratic modelling processes.
  • Contribute to modelling activities which are relevant for understanding the ground-breaking energy and climate transition in Europe.
  • Be relevant for policy making as well as corportate decision making in Europe.
  • Have a technology neutral perspective.
  • Facilitate continuous involvement of stakeholders (e.g., industry, NGO's, governmental organisations, associations, etc.).
  • Have a broad geographical representation in Europe.
  • Have a focus on interdisciplinarity (e.g., by including aspects related to social sciences and humanities).
  • Bring the energy and climate modelling community together (e.g., by organising events for discussion of modelling results, preparation of joint publications, etc.).