Second EFECT Workshop on “Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy Commodities for Sector Integration”

March 31, 2022

The workshop follows up on a previous workshop, held December 2021. It brings together experts in “Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy Commodities for Sector Integration” to showcase the latest research and studies. The event aims at creating a constructive discussion on research activities from members of EFECT.

Location: DIGS1 (Krambugata 2, Trondheim, Norway), with the option to join online.

Date and time: 31st March 2022, 9h-16h30 (CET) followed by workshop dinner at 19h (CET)

Registration and contact: Please register online, for questions contact Raquel (


08:50–09:05   Coffee + Tea | Connect to the workshop 

09:05–09:15   Welcome by Anne Neumann (NTNU)

09:15–10:45   Research Relay I

(09:15 – 09:30) Kari Espegren (IFE) Decarbonization of road transport – insight from the Integrated Transport and Energy Modelling project. 

(09:30 – 09:45) Jonas Martin (NTNU), Anne Neumann, Anders Ødegård: Economics of hydrogen fuels in heavy duty transport. 

(09:45 - 10:00) Juha Kiviluoma (VTT), Impact of regional characteristics on the feasibility of electro-fuels. 

(10:00 – 10:15) Sebastian Zwickl (TUW), Hans Auer: Designing a model for the cost-optimal decommissioning and refurbishment investment decision of gas networks.  

(10:15 – 10:45) Discussion moderated by Asgeir Tomasgard (NTNU). 

10:45–11:00   Vitamin break

11:00–12:15   Research Relay II

(11:00 – 11:15) Goran Durakovic (NTNU), Pedro Crespo del Granado, Asgeir Tomasgard: Powering Europe with North Sea offshore wind: The impact of hydrogen       deployment on grid investments and power prices. 

(11:15 – 11:30) Konstantin Löffler (TUB) et al.: Hydrogen – GENeSYS-MOD modelling results from the openENTRANCE project (including results for Japan).  

(11:30 – 12:00) Discussion moderated by Reinhard Madlener (RWTH)  

12:00–13:00   Lunch

13:00–14:00   Stakeholder perspectives  

Input from stakeholders: VITO, Siemens, EDF 

Discussion moderated by Sandrine Charousset (EDF)

14:00–14:15   Coffee & stretch 

14:15–16:00   Organisation and governance of EFECT (Members only)

    1) EFECT: overview of the initiative, governance/structure and plans for development
    2) Interaction with other initiatives (e.g., Centre of Excellence on Energy Transition Modelling) 
    3) EFECT member’s agreement 
    4) New members, suggestions 

Session moderated by Pedro Crespo Del Granado (NTNU)

16:00–16:30   Wrapping up, Summary 

19:00 Workshop Dinner, Scandic Nidelven, Trondheim