EFECT Workshop on Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy Commodities for Sector Integration

02 - 03 December 2021

EFECT Workshop on "Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy Commodities for Sector Integration”

Date and time: Lunch-to-Lunch event, December 2nd - 3rd, 2021.
Workshop format: online.
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Workshop topic/description:
The latest EU climate policies and emission targets (e.g., Fit-For-55) have put hydrogen back to the centre of the energy transition debate. Whereas several technical details have been addressed already (i.e., blending of hydrogen with natural gas or local/regional support for hydrogen initiatives) there is limited debate on how the existing infrastructure can (or cannot) be utilized. This then also extends to the question of public acceptance by citizens when it comes to the location of hydrogen storage facilities or to the required non-discriminatory regulatory framework for (international) hydrogen trade. Also, the potential commoditization of hydrogen needs to be addressed. Therefore, this workshop touches upon research challenges related to: How to model hydrogen production and transportation networks, the effect of carbon price regulation on the sustainability of commodities, fuel switching in sectors (electrical heating, electrical cooking), sector integration (Industry – transport – heating – electricity) and others.

Workshop objectives:
The workshop brings together experts in the field to showcase the latest research and studies. The event aims at creating a constructive discussion on research activities from members of EFECT and it is open to other interested contributors/attendees.

Programme outline:
The event is divided in two main parts:

Workshop day 1 (2nd December 2021): focuses on stakeholder's perspectives from industry, policy, and others.

Workshop day 2 (3rd December 2021): energy and climate modelers present the latest research and ongoing work that will be considered for a call for contributions to be published in a top journal in the field.


Agenda will follow.